Why You Need To Have Your Air Con Unit Serviced Regularly

An air-conditioning unit that is functioning well can save you a lot of discomfort in hot and cold weather. Just like a car, these units must be serviced regularly to get the best bang for your buck and ensure they last as long as they are meant to. Major servicing should only be done by a professional. Between this, you can clean out the filters and ensure there are no grass stems, bushes or any other rubbish growing up around the external part.

Cleaning the filters is not difficult; it is reaching up to them that is the hardest part. Use a safe ladder and always wear shoes that fit well, not house slippers, when you get on the ladder.

  • For ducted systems, slide the filter out of the grille in the ceiling after you pull it down. Then wash it in warm water and allow it to sun-dry.
  • For split systems, open the fascia and remove the filter. Then vacuum the dust off it.

Even though you may not see the need for professional servicing, things can happen of which you are unaware. For instance, with the ducted air conditioning system found on many homes’ roofs, insects, mice, rats and possums can get into the ceiling cavity and cause damage. They can eat through or tear the ducting from the unit to each room. This allows air to escape, making your unit work harder than it needs to and reducing its efficiency, so you must turn it up. This costs more to run.