5 Ways To Get Rid Of Weeds From Your Landscape Garden

Whether you are into landscaping, rock gardening, vegetable gardening, or indeed any other kind of gardening, there is one blight on the landscape which every gardener must face up to, and that is weeds. Weeds are a phenomenon that grows just about anywhere you can think of such as growing out of brickwork, through your stone cladding from www.meteorstone.com.au, and of course, in just about every garden on the planet.

It might seem wrong that we give weeds such a hard time as, after all, they are a natural entity, in the same way, our plants, flowers, and grasses are, however, that is like saying we should treat poisonous snakes in the same we treat our pet dogs. Weeds are no friends of the living plants in our gardens, and here are some reasons why.

  • Weeds Hide Our Beautiful Plants
  • Weeds Are Unsightly
  • Weeds Compete With Our Plants For Nourishment
  • Weeds Promote, House And Nourish Bugs, Pests, And Diseases
  • Weeds Can Hinder The Germination Of Other Plants
  • Weeds Make Harvesting Edible Pants More Difficult

In the spirit of even-handedness, we must point out there are some gardening enthusiasts who claim that weeds are actually a positive presence in gardens as they protect the soil from the sun, and in doing so aid the insects and other organisms on the ground by shielding them from too much sunlight.

If you agree weeds are not a problem, then there is no need to read on. However, if you are one of the millions of gardeners who are fed up with their garden being ruined in multiple ways by weeds, then here are 5 ways you can control and get rid of weeds, some of which you might find surprising.


Does Your Landscaping Company Need Digital Marketing?

Does Your Landscaping Company Need Digital Marketing?

As an owner of a landscaping company, doubtless you will have tried several ways to acquire new landscaping clients. According to the SEO specialists and digital marketing experts at www.slinkydigital.com.au there is no better way to find and gain those customers than through digital marketing, so let us look at 7 ways in which digital marketing can benefit your landscaping company.

#1 It Can Target Your Desired Audience

Many marketing campaigns fail simply because they did not know how or where to target those who might actually benefit from the product or service being marketed.

One of the first tasks within a properly planned digital marketing campaign will be the identification of the desired target audience. This then allows any specific marketing strategy to target those potential customers and clients that are likely to be interested in landscaping designs and thus ensuring that no resources are wasted.

#2 Builds Trust and Reputation

One of the biggest assets any business can have, including a landscaping company, is its good reputation. A close second to that will be trust in its brand. Digital marketing can help enhance both of these by ensuring that your brand can be seen, that wherever possible online your reputation is further enhanced, and that clients have the means to give glowing reviews about your landscaping service.


3 Cat Behaviours That Suggest They Need A Cat Enclosure

3 Cat Behaviours That Suggest They Need A Cat Enclosure

If you have a cat we are sure you love them dearly, although if you are the same as any other pet owner, there will doubtless be times where your cat’s behaviour does not always please you. Cats may behave strangely for a number of reasons, and the point might come where you have to consider if it would best for them to have their own backyard cat enclosure from www.ausnetindustries.com.

Making that decision might be tough for some cat owners, and that is understandable. However, unless your cat’s behaviour improves, the risk is that it gets so bad that both you and your cat become distressed. Thereafter, the most likely outcome is that you may want to be rid of the cat, and is not the right solution for them, nor for you.

There are a number of signs that your cat’s well-being may be served by them having their own cat enclosure. This could be a cat enclosure that is permanently assembled in one spot or a portable cat enclosure that can be positioned wherever it seems best at the time.

Before you choose which one, you need to identify which behaviours are the ones that are leading you towards having to make a choice. We should point out that if any of these behaviours give you cause for concern with respect to your cat’s health, then you should certainly book an appointment for them to be examined by a vet.

As for those tell-tale signs and behaviours that suggest a cat enclosure might be a solution, here are the main ones.


Does Your Renovation Company Need Website SEO?

Does Your Renovation Company Need Website SEO?

For many renovation companies, an increasingly important source for their leads and ideally, clients, is the internet. For this reason, SEO professionals advise many of their clients, including renovation companies, that a carefully thought out, and strategically implemented SEO plan that takes into consideration all the SEO local ranking factors is the best way to take advantage of the increasing use of the internet.

An SEO plan is designed to ensure that a website is positioned as high as possible for a related search that might be entered in the search engines. A typical example might be ‘renovation company in’ and then any district, town, city, or local area, where that is where the person lives or wants the renovation to take place.

If you are a renovation company that operates within that area, and if your website has been fully optimised for that particular search term, then when the person sees the results on their screen, it is highly likely that yours will be one of the top results. This is hugely significant, and more importantly advantageous for your business with regards to how many people might click through to your website from those results.

Studies have shown that in the top 10 positions on Google, which is the largest search engine online, in total they will receive 92% of all the traffic for any single search term. This means that while being ranked on page 2 might be regarded as credible by some, in terms of the traffic it is a desert, and you might as well not be ranked on page 20, for all the benefit it is to you


Giving Your Soil a New Lease on Life

Lawn care can often be one of those things you’ll ‘get around to’ eventually. However, it can end up being something you combat sooner rather than later, particularly if poor soil health contributes to a pretty disastrous looking lawn.

But if you know your soil health is suffering, what do you do next? Read on to find out. The lawn care experts at www.lawncareman.com.au tell us it can be a lot easier than you think to bring your soil or lawn back to optimum health.

Identify Your Soil Type

To know the best course of action, it pays to know what soil type you have. The three most common are loam, clay, and sandy. Loam soil tends to be the most desirable for lawn health.

If your soil doesn’t appeal to be healthy, you can add a soil mix of sand and clay with heavy soil and composted material to give it a health boost. The sand and clay will form a base, while heavy soil on top can aid in moisture retention and water movement.

You can then add chicken manure and green waste, along with other nutrients, to create a balanced pH level for premium grass growth.


Pool Design

Best Pool Design When You Have Children and Pets

Every year for the last decade or more, an average of 30 Australian children have drowned. What’s more, swimming pools make up the most substantial proportion of drowning-related incidents. With these sobering statistics in mind, it’s essential to always factor your children and pets’ safety into your pool design. Their danger sensors are not as refined as yours.

Pools can be a fun place to enjoy family time, but they can also be deadly. Take note of these design ideas, and consult your local landscaping expert for more.

Invest in Fencing

When you start looking at your pool design options, you might think that fencing is going to ruin your property’s appeal. Not all swimming pool fencing is the most attractive, but it’s a life-saving measure and a legal requirement. What’s more, some beautiful frameless glass options minimise the interruption on your landscape.

Before you install full fencing around your pool, find out your legal requirements. Any pool design expert should know them, but it doesn’t hurt to be aware of them yourself. Most states require pool barriers up to 1200mm tall, with a 1500mm self-closing and self-latching gate.

Try Splash Decks

If you want your children and pets to enjoy the water with you, then make sure they feel comfortable by providing a shallow area to splash in. A splash deck could fit this bill. A splash deck is a shallow part of the pool that lets you sit at the edge and dangle your feet. It’s also an excellent starting point for children and pets with full supervision.


Terrain against You

What to Do When Your Terrain is Against You

Those who find themselves with sloped and hilly sections will probably be in no hurry to undertake landscaping. Instead, they’ll be glaring at their neighbours with envy, wondering why their yard looks so dramatically different.

Dealing with elevated sections, slopes, and hills are no easy tasks. It can take even the most experienced landscape design expert a lot of pencil-chewing to work out the best approach for managing them. If you’re in the same boat, then read on. Here are a few of the many things you can do when your property’s elevation or terrain is against you.

Build a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall can solve many problems. It can strengthen your slope, add aesthetic appeal, and also allow you to plant in the various nooks and crannies surrounding it. A retaining wall can also help reduce the risk of mudslides and land erosion in heavy rainfall.

Try Terraces

If one, solid wall is not going to work for your terrain, then why not give terraces a try? If you have several short walls at various levels, you can create a tiered back yard that adds plenty of appeal and value to your property. One level could be for entertaining, while the others could contain an eclectic mix of plants and hardscapes for ultimate appeal.


Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting: Turn Your Garden Into A Nighttime Wonderland

According to landscaping company LandscapesWA, outdoor garden lighting is one of the most under utilised landscape design features out there. A lot of people put thousands of dollars and hours of their time into creating the perfect garden, but they forget that it’s dark half of the time.

If you truly want to develop an outdoor space that you can take advantage of in any weather and at any time of the day or night, you need to include lights in your landscape design. Clever use of lighting can help transform your garden from a bleak, dull area to a nighttime wonderland. Who would say no to this?

What Are The Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting?

Installing outdoor lighting in your garden and around your entertaining areas comes with a wide range of benefits. These include:

  • Clever use of lighting will allow you to make use of your yard at any time of the day or night. This is especially useful for people who live in warm climates where the nights are often the most comfortable part of the day.
  • Outdoor lighting can help create a warm, comfortable atmosphere – this is perfect for entertaining guests!
  • Cleverly positioned lights can make your home safer and more secure, deterring potential burglars.
  • Additionally, outdoor lighting can even help improve the value of your home.

As you can see, you would be stupid not to at least think about including at least some sort of lighting in your outdoor spaces!


Commercial Cleaner

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Commercial Cleaner

If you are looking for office cleaning services for your business, you might be finding it difficult to choose the right company. There are plenty of options out there, and most companies seem as good as each other.

Although it may be tempting to simply choose the cheapest cleaners and use them, this isn’t always the right choice. There are a few different things you should consider first, otherwise you might run into problems down the track. Our top 5 questions you should always ask when choosing a professional service include:

  1. How Experienced Are They?

When it comes to something like cleaning, industry experience isn’t necessarily essential. However, it certainly helps. If you want to be comfortable with the cleaner that you choose, make sure that you ask them how much industry experience that they have. Try and find someone who has done a lot of cleaning in your industry, and who knows exactly what they are doing.

  1. Do They Have Insurance?

This is perhaps the most important question that you will ask potential cleaners, at least from a financial point of view. The chances are that it will never matter to you whether or not your cleaner has insurance. However, you should always prepare for the worst. If you were to employ someone without insurance, who then had an accident and caused damage to your building or equipment, you might end up being stuck with a big bill.



Interesting Stuff to Know about Plumbing

When a water line breaks or the sewage is backed up – call a plumber. These days, plumbing has become a fairly major industry and requires more qualifications that carrying a couple of wrenches and pocket screw driver. It’s a profession, or as we say a trade, that has qualified people performing critical tasks. What do plumbers actually do?

Becoming a Plumber

To become a plumber, you need to do a trade apprenticeship which will include theory of piping systems and practising the use of tools, normal and specialised, and a course in trouble shooting. A trade apprentice works with a licensed plumber or plumbing service and gets on the job training in real life experiences that may crop up on daily jobs.

There are quite a few different fields in which a plumber can become involved.

Commercial plumbers – install, maintain and repair systems such as heating, food conveyance piping and large commercial hot water systems. Plumbers involved in hospital and medical centre facilities, or food manufacturing, need to know about bacteriology and sanitation controls that prevent contamination of systems that deliver food to people. If the plumbing work involves steam fittings, then further training in equipment and safety is required.


Cabinet Maker

Fitted Kitchens by a Cabinet Maker

Bespoke kitchens, while costing a bit can certainly add significant value to any home, and they make it more efficient and pleasant to cook and clean. Kitchens are not a cheap renovation job and therefore any decision to improve your current setting and style must not be taken lightly. All you need is a designer or at least a cabinet maker.


Your standard appliances are really what makes your kitchen. You will need a cooker, fridge, dishwasher and a microwave. All of these appliances can be custom-fitted into the kitchen as part of the design. 

Appliances occupying a made-for space will instantly make your kitchen look much more stylish and fashionable. This is something you need to think about when planning as you should buy the right types of appliances that will look good as well as fit in with your current décor.


All kitchens should have an extractor fan which is essential for removal of cooking odours, steam and smoke. These fans are installed over the top of your oven area to capture rising fumes. These are available in many different styles and look very fashionable.

They are fitted with filters which will require periodic cleaning of fat deposits and grime that accumulates after some times. Your cooking time will be a lot more comfy with this appliance properly fitted.


Landscape Designing

4 Reasons why Landscape Designing is Important

Art and creativity are what makes our world a nice place to live in. Life might still go on without it, but it would surely be dull and bland. This reality can be pretty much applied to everything — including your gardens.

Your garden is what brings freshness and beauty to your home. It is also what connects you with nature. Thus, it’s important to ensure that it’s well taken care of. That’s where an experienced landscape architect and their landscape design skills kick in. For a directory on the best landscapers, check out landscapersnetwork.org

  1. Make your home more livable

We all want to live in a home that’s conducive to living. A home that’s cozy, comfortable, and relaxing is everyone’s dream, and landscape designing can help you achieve just that. Compare a yard that’s surrounded by tall weeds to a landscaped garden. Wouldn’t it be better to have the latter? That’s what landscape designing is all about. It lets you feel that you’re in your own home and have full control of it.

  1. Feel the outdoors

Houses might be built to protect us from the outdoors. But if that’s their only use, then there’s no doubt we’re going to feel constrained with them through time. Yes, its main purpose is to put us under a roof and keep us safe from the elements, but we’ve always got a choice to feel the gentle breeze and sunlight in our backyards. After all, isn’t it our home?

Make use of iCoat WA and get your outdoor concrete floor coated. You can also put a bench, or perhaps place a dining table in it. This gives you a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. And it’s not just about the experience, but it also makes you healthier because you can breathe fresh air anytime you want.

  1. Connect with nature

We might be living in the modern age, where everything’s surrounded by buildings, computers, and who-knows-what. Living in a metropolitan jungle might be cool at first, but it slowly seeps away your energy. So why not get in touch with nature? You can do that by designing your landscape.


White Picket Fence

Dreams Come True with a White Picket Fence

For years now, generations in fact, people have imagined living in a beautiful home that has a garden surrounded by a white picket fencing. To some it’s the epitome of the trappings of success. If you already have your home, and the white picket fence is still in your mind’s eye, then you may want to work out how you will go about getting one done.

Proper Planning

Like anything that will cost you money, planning is the key. It prevents stress and usually prevents loss of money.

Your Boundaries

Survey of your boundary, that is exactly where it is, not going by existing fence and property lines, is important. Check your title and if necessary, if there is a slight doubt, then have the property surveyed. Another item on the ‘to do’ list is to chat with your neighbour about your plans for a fence. When it’s fence erection time, access will be needed to their property. Don’t assume that just because they are good neighbours that it will be okay.

Digging Holes and Permits

Digging holes? Check where the utility lines are – water, gas, power and communications. There is usually a sign, but if you are unsure, don’t risk it. The relevant companies are able to come out and mark exact locations for you. What are the local council rules about building a fence? Do you need a permit? Better to check and make sure that you have the right to go ahead. If you live on an estate, there might be some fencing rules regarding style and type. Check. Assumptions can cost money, so in all these aspects, do your planning and do the legwork so you can go ahead without worrying.


Shade Sails

How to Avoid Legal Issues with Your Shade Sail

While you may think that council permission will not be needed to erect a Shade Sail from One Shade Sails on your property, there are many rules and regulations to look at – and to make it more difficult they vary from state to state and sometimes from council to council within the same state. Most of those regarding shade sails are aimed at them not causing a public nuisance or causing an annoyance to your neighbours.

However, if you intend to install a shade sail it is imperative you discuss the matter with your council and adhere to their rules and regulations to avoid any legal issues. One of the main requirements is that the material of the shade cloth should be permeable material if you want to skip getting permission. Nearly all councils are agreed on this one point.

While an actual building permit is not normally required for the installation of a sail shade structure, there are often other regulations regarding size and height.


Hardwood Timber Floor

Here’s the Wood on Wood

Your Friend the Floor

Do you ever talk to a floor? It’s not so silly because a hardwood timber floor is basically a living thing. You can say: “Hello friend” when you see your floor every morning. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with wood floors? They’re the best. Folks have been using wooden planks as flooring for centuries, and from observation, no one seems to be changing their mind. It’s true that some things never go out of style.

The Fitting Room

Apart from looking at the new trends in flooring, perhaps it’s a good idea to talk about the basics. If you have no idea how wooden flooring is installed, then you should learn. We are talking about ‘tongue and groove.’ It may sound like a rather risqué move on a dance floor, but it is, in fact, a very clever, ingenious way that floorboards are fitted together. Way back when, the boards used to be butted together, but as the boards dried and aged, huge gaps would appear creating mini canyons filling with dirt.