11 Carpet Cleaning Secrets


Carpets are found in nearly every home and office as they reduce noise levels significantly. No matter how hard you try, eventually, the carpet will become a victim of spills, drips and accidental dirt.  However, by implementing some tips from Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth your carpet will look its best for longer in between that essential professional clean.

  • When liquid is spilled onto the carpet, blot it with a soft towel, cloth or paper. But be sure to spot from the outside towards the centre so the stain doesn’t spread.
  • Never rub the carpet; this can break the fibres and spread the dirt.
  • Club soda can be used as an effective stain remover. Place some on a cloth and start blotting as above.
  • Another good stain remover is equal parts of white vinegar and water. Put it into a spray bottle to make applying it easier. Spray, let it soak for up to 15 minutes, then blot. Repetition will bring success for stubborn stains.
  • Shaving cream applied directly to stains is also effective. Leave for 30 minutes, then clean off with your vinegar and water spray solution. Remember to blot, not wipe.
  • Have the kids left chewing gum on the carpet? Use ice cubes to freeze it solid, then lift and cut off trapped carpet fibres as close as possible to the gum.  Don’t try to pull it off, as that will tear the threads out from the base of the carpet.
  • If you get grease or fat on the carpet, use a water solution and dishwashing liquid. Spray it on and blot it several times over for the best result, and contact the professionals at Carpet Cleaning Perth.

  • Are you a candle person? Getting drops of wax onto the carpet is easy if you are not careful. It will set and become embedded unless you treat it. Use a warm iron over a cloth to warm the wax to lift it off. A butter knife is suitable for scraping it off.
  • If someone cuts themselves, blood is likely to get onto the carpet. Thin it out with cold water and detergent, then pour Hydrogen Peroxide onto the stain. It will foam up. Use towels to dry the mat afterwards.
  • Puppy accidents just can’t be helped, but cleaning them up is essential if you don’t want your puppy to constantly leak in the same place. The best way to remove the smell is to use an organic carpet cleaner from the supermarket. These are preferable to a chemical cleaner.
  • Lollies can easily fall onto the carpet and get trodden in. All that sugar will become sticky and attract dirt and ants if left. Vacuum or pick up the bits, then use soap and water on a sponge to clean the area. Blot with a towel to dry it.