pool fence

Advantages of a Glass Pool or Balcony Fencing

If you have a pool, you’ll certainly need to have some kind of safe pool fencing around it. The simple thing to do is contact fencing contractors to do the job, but first, consider what kind of fence you’d like to have. There are several options, but toughened glass is not only sustainable, it has several advantages, some of which other kinds of fences lack.

  • You can see right through glass pool fences meaning it is easier to keep an eye on the children in or out of the pool.
  • Because of its transparency, a glass fence does not appear to cut your yard in half, thus making it look smaller that it really is.
  • You can still enjoy the look of your garden through the fence without any hindrance.
  • Glass can be used for other fences in the area, for instance a protective wall along the edge of a patio, along an outdoor stairway or across a balcony, so all the fences will match offering a cohesive look and feel to your property.
  • Glass is sustainable. It is made from sand of which there is plenty and it can be recycled completely, with no breakdown in strength of the recycled products.
  • A glass fence needs no maintenance, which will save you a lot of costs over the years.
  • Glass is not prone to white ants, rot from getting wet, rust, warping or many of the other disadvantages of other materials such as timber and even steel.