Small Garden

7 Landscaping Trends for the Small Garden

As house blocks become smaller, so do gardens and outdoor spaces, so to make the most of the alfresco area, it’s a good idea to have professional landscaping done. Professionals have had a great deal of experience and training and know the best way to ensure every tiny corner is put to use so your garden not only adds value to your home but enhances your lifestyle at the same time.

Here are seven of the latest trends for small gardens.

  • Most people enjoy some kind of greenery in their life, so small gardens are really taking off. Even if your courtyard is only big enough for a shrub and a chaise or two, you can have it designed to make it look larger. Potted plants and raised gardens don’t take up much room and will enhance your courtyard, and the time spent there will be more pleasurable.
  • Edible landscapes are becoming trendier. Add some herbs for cooking, one or two tomato plants, peppers or snow peas in your flowers for a great garden that tastes great and looks good. Remember to only plant your favourite food, though.
  • Not everyone wants to mow and water lawns on their days off, so increasingly, small areas are being paved. Whether you choose fake turf, decking, limestone, tiles or bricks, or perhaps gravel with pavers is up to you. Replacing the lawn is also eco-friendly as you will save on water and fertilisers.
  • Creating a garden that reflects elements of your latest overseas holidays is also trendy. Think what you liked best on your holiday and work it into your landscape: a fish pond, bridge over running water, white gravel and pavers or a row of brightly coloured garden pots.
  • Going vertical with your gardening, with a particular grow wall that faces the sun, will enable you to have even more plants and can hide ugly brickwork. Remember to choose vines that are not rampant growers, so you don’t have to keep cutting them back. You could even espalier a fruit tree. Many modular systems have all you need for watering and fertilising, making maintenance a breeze.