7 Little-Known Hacks For Keeping Carpets Clean

The cleaning of carpets, just as every other cleaning task you can think of, has more than its fair share of secret hacks, tips, and tricks, many of which are well-known by those who work as professional carpet cleaners. That is not to say professional cleaning companies such as Perth Home Cleaners will always use these hacks, as they will more likely rely on tried and tested professional carpet cleaning methods.

However, for everyone else, the carpet cleaning hacks which exist can be handy because not only can they help you keep your carpets cleaner than otherwise, but they can also be the difference between a stain ruining a carpet and you being able to remove that stain, or at least minimising its effect until you can call in a professional carpet cleaner to obliterate it.

There are carpet cleaning hacks for all kinds of carpets, and many relate to specific stains. We will list several of them and note that we have not put them in any order of preference or effectiveness. Read through them, and report any that appeal to you.

Carpet Cleaning Hack #1 – Remove Pet Hair With A Squeegee: Whilst you usually associate a squeegee with window cleaning, they can also help you clean your carpets. Rubbing a squeegee across the surface of your carpet will dislodge entangled pet hairs and other debris, which you can then remove using your vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning Hack #2 – Never Rub A Spillage, Always Dab It: The automatic reaction to something being spilled onto a carpet, such as wine, coffee, or fruit juice, is to rush over and rub it frantically to try and remove it. I’m afraid that’s not right, as it pushes the liquid deeper and makes removing it more difficult. Instead, gently dab up the excess liquid before treating the stain.

Carpet Cleaning Hack #3 – Shaving Cream Removes Several Substances: Besides helping remove facial hair, shaving cream is also a surprising but effective carpet cleaner. After blotting up any excess liquid, it can neutralise and be suitable for eliminating dry debris such as crumbs and mud if sprayed onto them.

Carpet Cleaning Hack #4 – Lint Rollers Can Remove Lots Of Debris: Lint rollers are another one of those items that double up as a carpet cleaner. If you roll it across your carpet, you will be amazed at how much debris, pet hair, and dirt it can remove, even after vacuuming.

Carpet Cleaning Hack #5 – Steam Ironing A Carpet Can Remove Stains: Now we are pretty sure that on any carpet cleaners you have, your clothes iron is not on it. However, when treating a stain, if you place a cloth over it and then iron it, much of the colour will transfer from the carpet to the material.

Carpet Cleaning Hack #6 – Baking Soda Is Effective At Removing Oil And Grease: Oil and grease usually induce panic in those whose carpet the stains appear on; however, fear not. Sprinkling baking soda on the oil or fat dries them until they become crust-like. At that point, you can then use your vacuum cleaner to remove that dry residue.

Carpet Cleaning Hack #7 – Use An Ice Cube To Deal With ‘Dents’ In Your Carpets: Not so much a cleaning hack but a highly useful one which can restore and maintain those areas of your carpet that have indents due to something heavy having been sat on it such as furniture. Place the ice cube on the affected spot, and allow it to melt. Blot the water, towel over it, and then iron. When the area is dry, you can fluff the fibres to restore them.