Fitted Kitchens by a Cabinet Maker

Cabinet Maker

Bespoke kitchens, while costing a bit can certainly add significant value to any home, and they make it more efficient and pleasant to cook and clean. Kitchens are not a cheap renovation job and therefore any decision to improve your current setting and style must not be taken lightly. All you need is a designer or at least a cabinet maker.


Your standard appliances are really what makes your kitchen. You will need a cooker, fridge, dishwasher and a microwave. All of these appliances can be custom-fitted into the kitchen as part of the design. 

Appliances occupying a made-for space will instantly make your kitchen look much more stylish and fashionable. This is something you need to think about when planning as you should buy the right types of appliances that will look good as well as fit in with your current décor.


All kitchens should have an extractor fan which is essential for removal of cooking odours, steam and smoke. These fans are installed over the top of your oven area to capture rising fumes. These are available in many different styles and look very fashionable.

They are fitted with filters which will require periodic cleaning of fat deposits and grime that accumulates after some times. Your cooking time will be a lot more comfy with this appliance properly fitted.

Counter Tops

The planning of your kitchen should be done so as to ensure plenty of space in which to prepare and consume food. The bench tops can be made from la range of different materials such as:

  • wood
  • laminate composite board
  • and natural materials including stone
  • marble
  • and granite

Storage Space 

A modern kitchen is fitted with many different types of small appliances and gadgets. Some items will have special storage spaces made for them, while others may just hang from hooks. Kitchens always have plenty of cupboards and drawers in which to put all the cooking paraphernalia to help reduce clutter on top of your bench tops.

Sink and Taps 

The sink and taps that you choose will depend on the type of counter top that you choose. Nothing looks quite as good as having your sink sitting inside a granite or natural stone made unit. You get a really modern look as well as more surface room on which to work.


Kitchens are a reflection of an individual’s personality.  There are literally many different designs from which you can choose. You can choose from modern, traditional and farmhouse designs.

When choosing designs of luxury fitted kitchens it might be beneficial to look through a portfolio. Most kitchen fitters will have photographs that you can look at. You can also do a bit of internet surfing to get some ideas before getting a proper design drawn up.

Kitchen Island 

Depending on your kitchen’s size, a kitchen island might be the right option. These are freestanding and fit neatly into the middle of the kitchen, or immediately behind the sink area. You might have room for two of these, one for preparing food and one for dining.

Professional Design 

When opting for a luxury fitted kitchen, you can find a cabinet maker that lives in the area or maybe a friend or relative can recommend one. Their expert knowledge will mean that they can optimise your space to its full potential, while also giving you hints and tips o what’s trendy and what’s not.