Best Pool Design When You Have Children and Pets

Pool Design

Every year for the last decade or more, an average of 30 Australian children have drowned. What’s more, swimming pools make up the most substantial proportion of drowning-related incidents. With these sobering statistics in mind, it’s essential to always factor your children’s and pets’ safety into your pool design. Their danger sensors are not as refined as yours.

Pools can be fun to enjoy family time, but they can also be deadly. Take note of these design ideas, and consult your local landscaping expert for more.

Invest in Fencing

Looking at your pool design options, you might think fencing will ruin your property’s appeal. Not all swimming pool fencing is the most attractive, but it’s a life-saving and legal requirement. What’s more, frameless pool fencing minimises the interruption of your landscape.

Before installing full fencing around your pool, determine your legal requirements. Any pool design expert should know them, but it doesn’t hurt to be aware of them yourself. Most states require up to 1200mm tall pool barriers, with a 1500mm self-closing and self-latching gate.

Try Splash Decks

If you want your children and pets to enjoy the water with you, ensure they feel comfortable by providing a shallow area to splash in. A splash deck could fit this bill. A splash deck is an external pool part that lets you sit at the edge and dangle your feet. It’s also an excellent starting point for children and pets with full supervision.

Keep the Surrounding Area Flat

A swimming pool should be a focal point, so you should avoid including too many features around it. Not only can other items detract from the pool design’s appeal, but did you know they can be illegal? In some states, climbable objects should not exceed 900mm of a pool barrier. Even if children and pets want to go for a dip, it would be impossible without you.

Use Non-Slip Material

Water can create slippery surfaces, but if you get clever with a pool design, that’s not a problem. Reduce the risk of children and pets falling into swimming pools by investing in non-slip surfacing surrounding your pool. While sleek and shiny tiles may look nice, will they be practical? Ask your local landscaping expert for advice.

There’s no denying that a swimming pool is almost a necessity in the harsh summer sun, but it can also be a safety concern. If you have pets or children, consult a landscaping expert for advice. They can help you develop excellent pool design ideas that are as safe as possible for your children and furry friends.