Does Your Renovation Company Need Website SEO?

Does Your Renovation Company Need Website SEO?

For many renovation companies, an increasingly important source for their leads and ideally, clients, is the internet. For this reason, SEO professionals advise many of their clients, including renovation companies, that a carefully thought out, and strategically implemented SEO plan that takes into consideration all the SEO local ranking factors is the best way to take advantage of the increasing use of the internet.

An SEO plan is designed to ensure that a website is positioned as high as possible for a related search that might be entered in the search engines. A typical example might be ‘renovation company in’ and then any district, town, city, or local area, where that is where the person lives or wants the renovation to take place.

If you are a renovation company that operates within that area, and if your website has been fully optimised for that particular search term, then when the person sees the results on their screen, it is highly likely that yours will be one of the top results. This is hugely significant, and more importantly advantageous for your business with regards to how many people might click through to your website from those results.

Studies have shown that in the top 10 positions on Google, which is the largest search engine online, in total they will receive 92% of all the traffic for any single search term. This means that while being ranked on page 2 might be regarded as credible by some, in terms of the traffic it is a desert, and you might as well not be ranked on page 20, for all the benefit it is to you

If we look at the numbers in more detail on page 1 of the results, position 1 gets about 33%, position 2 gets 18%, and position 3 gets around 11% of all the traffic for a single research term. This means that if we can get your website to one of the top 3 positions for a search term, it is these positions that around 60% of all traffic will be.

The exact search term ‘renovations company Melbourne’ gets searched a minimum of 140 times per month. Now that might not seem huge but think of all the variations of that search which will be typed in and very quickly the number starts to total a significant amount of searches. The same will be likewise for other towns and cities.

If your website has been optimised using SEO and we have it at position number 1 on the search results, it gets around a third of the traffic so 140/3 is over 45 visitors to your website each month, just on that single search term. If we start adding in all the other possible searches that you could rank #1 for, we are soon looking at 100s of visitors every single month, thanks to SEO.

While achieving that will require some investment with regards to hiring an SEO agency to implement your SEO and achieve those rankings, just imagine what a massive return on investment you will have if just 5% of all the visitors to your website become paying clients. It could add up to tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovation projects, all from being ranked at the top of Google.

The beauty of this is that SEO is not some quick fix that gets instant results and then nothing thereafter. Instead, SEO is able to generate results consistently over the long term so that your return on investment increases month after month.