Speak to the Lawn

Green Lawn

Let’s say your lawn could talk to you. What would it be saying? Most lawns put up with a certain lack of care and attention over the years, so it might start a real whinge about being abused, underappreciated and a bit hungry. Lawns add value to your property so you might be wasting a big asset.

Virtual Reality Lawn

Technology has leapt ahead to the point where you could put on one of those Virtual Reality head pieces and transport yourself to a yard with a beautiful, healthy green lawn. But it is ‘virtual reality’, so you can’t simply flick a switch to change your poor existing lawn. A well cared for and healthy lawn for instance, looks rather stunning. It’s great to look at, fun to play on, and there’s no doubting its ability to dramatically increase your property’s curb appeal. As an added bonus, a lawn is healthy for the environment.


Achieving that beautiful lawn is not something that requires you to have a Master’s degree in agronomy. You just need to adjust the way you are doing some of the things and make sure that you continue with the changes in the future.

Love our Lawns

Lawns are still a preferred option in an Australian garden. Whether you’ve managed to buck the odds and created a bowling green standard, or you have created a green space on which the kids can play, the lawn has an important role to play in the design of a garden.  The majority of us are happy that our lawns look green, healthy and neatly mowed. Trying to make the lawn look like a putting green is not everyone’s gardening priority.  A bit of weed, a dry spot, a bald patch, these are all tolerable lapses. However, there are still some basic tasks that you need to consider when you own a lawn.

Laying a lаwn 

If you are either patching a section of lawn or putting down a new one, there are a couple of ways these can be done –  seed or turf. Seeding is obviously going to be a lot slower and you need to keep the birds away from the seeds. It’s a better option for filling in patches. With turf, you have instant grass. It needs to establish itself, there is a lot more preparation and laying work involved, and it is more expensive.


Choose a seed that is the right one for your needs. If you are having the lawn for the kids to play on, then use a rye mix, which is a bit hardier, and will withstand more wear and tear. The best sowing time is spring – warm ground and not too wet. But in Australia, there are not too many extremes of temperature in the populated areas. It’s not as if you will have snow and ice covering the ground.

Laying Turf

Just about any time of the year is okay to lay turf unless you live in a very cold, frosty climate. Make sure you buy good quality turf. Lay it as soon as it is delivered. Keep it well watered, and stay off it until it is established.