How to Protect Your Mattresses When You Move


While it is easy to wrap and pack smaller items into boxes, mattresses are a different matter altogether. The problem is that a mattress is made from fabric so it needs to be protected from dirt and dust. Even the packing provided by removalists such as Brilliance Removalists Brisbane are likely to be too dirty, or leave a lot of unwelcome lint and dust on the mattress. So what can you do to protect it? There are a few options.

Use old sheets

Your old fitted sheets are the ideal way to protect the mattress. You can put one over the top and another one over the bottom. If you don’t have old sheets, use new ones; they are easily washed after all. If you don’t trust them not to come off during handling, pin the edges together, or tie twine around the mattress like you would a gift box. You could even staple the edges together if the sheets are relatively old.  Sheets are also good protectors for fabric lounge chairs or the sofa. Even flat sheets can be used to wrap the mattress in, albeit not as easily as fitted ones.

Use plastic mattress wraps

You may have kept the plastic your mattress arrived in. If so, congratulations; you can use that. If not, you can probably get one. Most people don’t realise that mattress retailers often have big plastic bags that their mattresses come in that they will give away or sell cheaply. This saves them having to dispose of it. Mattresses that are displayed on the floor often have the plastic bag taken off so the purchaser can get a better idea of how soft or firm it is. Some hardware stores also sell new mattress protectors.


It is possible to wrap your mattresses in blankets. However, it can be awkward to keep them on. The best thing to do is use double or king size blankets to wrap a single mattress. That way it will fit all the way around and can be pinned in place.

Painters plastic

Painter’s plastic is another suitable thing to wrap your mattress in. The advantage of using plastic is that you can keep the ends together easily with adhesive tape. Use the wide kind or even packaging tape that is strong enough not to come off when the mattress is being handled.

Mattress covers can keep bugs, pollen, dust and dirt out of your mattress and will help prevent wear and tear. Once you arrive at your new home, take the mattress covers off and let the mattresses air for a while before making up the beds. That way any odour of dust or fumes from the truck will dissipate and not bother you during the first night in your new home.