What Kind of Pool do You Need?


Pool builders will tell you there are many different kinds of pools and different types of building materials for them. If you are considering adding a pool to your backyard it’s important to ensure it is suitable for your children and this will depend on their age. If your kids are still toddlers, they won’t get much use from a pool that is six feet deep.

You may think that installing a deep pool now will at least enable you to have a nice swim, but how many times can you get outside without those little ones toddling along after you? Mum in the deep pool while toddlers sit and watch is an unrealistic expectation. It is far better to have a small above ground wading pool for the little ones and you can sit in it with them while they have fun. It will be enough to cool you off on a hot day.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t also have a deeper pool for your own pleasure. You can also use floaties and strap-in floating seats for the littlies. However, they tend to have short attention spans at that age so after going to all the trouble of strapping them in, you may only just get in yourself and they’ll want to get out and play something else.

If your children can’t swim yet, there are many above ground pools to choose from that include fountains and slides for lots of different fun. If you have primary school age children who can swim, having a built-in pool is a good idea, but if your budget doesn’t run to that, a larger, above ground pool will keep them happy.

These are not likely to last as long as an in-ground pool, but many do come with a repair kit should any holes develop. They are ideal for level ground where there is a good lawn to protect them from wear and tear. There will also be a ladder for the children to get in and out. Parents and other adults can also have fun in this type of pool.

If you have no children or they have left home and you love swimming, it may be time to spoil yourself with an in-ground pool. Concrete pools tend to last longest and you can choose from many different styles or even design your own. You can also have lighting, steps of different shapes and sizes and a fountain if you want it.  Placing such a pool close to the deck so you can step off it into the pool is the ultimate in luxury. You might also want to design the pool so part of it is inside a pool room.